Vins Amável Costa Primés au Decanter World Wine Awards 2016

Le vin de Porto Réserve Blanc de la série Amável Costa Réserve et les vins de Porto Tawny de 20 ans d’âge, Porto Tawny de 30 ans d’âge et Porto Tawny de 40 ans d’âge, de la série Amável Costa Tawnies d’âge, ont reçu une médaille de bronze au DECANTER WORLD WINE AWARDS 2016.

Amável Costa Porto Réserve Blanc « Pleasantly rustic and pithy nose with notes of barley sugar and grapes. Rich and mouth-filling palate with syrupy apricot, spices, orange blossom and nuts. » DECANTER 2016

Amável Costa Porto Tawny 20 ans d’âge « Aromas of beeswax and smoky wood accompany dried fruit and nutty scents. Icing sugar, dates and a lime backbone match caramel, spices and nut-brittle flavours. » DECANTER 2016

Amável Costa Porto Tawny 30 ans d’âge « Coffee-bean roast complexity on the nose, with earthy walnut notes. Expansive and mouth-filling taste of leather, figs, earthy nutty notes and wonderfully spicy long finish.  » DECANTER 2016

Amável Costa Porto Tawny 40 ans d’âge « Complex tertiary aromas of leaves and mushrooms meld with hints of demerara sugar, fig and prune. Walnut and black tea flavours, with raisins and toffee.  » DECANTER 2016

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