Located in a spot called “Fonte do Coxo” in Cedovim, council of Vila Nova Foz Côa, it was built around the 1940s by José Augusto Costa to replace the old cellar from the time of his father, Miguel António Costa.

Throughout the years until today, facilities have been modernised, to keep up with growth needs and the constant improvement of equipment and methods of production in each time.

The alliance between tradition and modernity

The cellar and the equipment are a mixture of tradition and innovation. These continuous upgrades have provided a space that includes both traditional Algerian amphorae and temperature-controlled fermentation vats, traditional vats built in concrete and coated in epoxy for wine storage, as well as stainless steel vats of various sizes, small oak casks and the always important wooden barrels for the ageing of Port Wines.

A visit and a wine tasting at Amável Costa cellar is a journey between the memory and the excellence of wine.

From production to storage in the century-old wooden barrels, we witness that time may have passed, but it still endures in the aroma and flavour of old Port Wines.

Since the 19th century, memory has flourished in endless flavors

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