The prolonged stage in wooden casks give the wine unique quality and characteristics. It is clear and auburn, with greenish spots and so concentrate that is has some viscosity. The aroma is also impressive for the complexity and the time it needs on the glass until it reveals its full potential; it has notes of iodine, almonds, woods, spices, dried fruits and dried nuts, roasted aromas, of smoke, coffee, bread, chocolate and dried herbs. With a rounded, sweet, velvety, complex and complete taste in acidity and sweetness, in a unique harmony; the aftertaste emphasizes almonds, roasted coffee and torrefaction. Persistent, balanced, fresh, pleasant.

'Complex tertiary aromas of leaves and mushrooms meld with hints of demerara sugar, fig and prune. Walnut and black tea flavours, with raisins and toffee.' DECANTER WORLD WINE AWARDS 2016

'Intense savoury and saline notes of smoked almonds and green olive. A powerhouse of flavours of kernel, singed muscovado sugar and roasted coffee. Twisted-citrus acidity and a rich palate coating texture on the long finish.' DECANTER WORLD WINE AWARDS 2015