The story of Amável Costa begins in the mid-nineteenth century with the production and storage of Port wine in Cedovim, Council of Vila Nova de Foz Côa, Alto Douro Wine Region and a UNESCO World Heritage site.
Miguel António Costa, great grandfather of the current CEO, in the middle of the 19th century, produced and sold Port wine in bulk. At that time, transportation was made in barrels, carefully packaged in Rabelo boats that would then travelled the Douro river to the warehouses in Gaia.
Miguel António Costa’s dedication to Port and the conviction that storing/ageing such wine would be a good initiative lead him to conserve some Port wine in his cellar in oak barrels. A small barrel is still found there today, safekeeping old Port wine that bears witness to that time.

Agostinho Amável Costa, following the footsteps of his father José Augusto Costa and his grandfather António Costa, he continue to look after the Port wines to sell in bulk, but also to store for decades, building an inspirational stock of very old Port wines.
Agostinho Amável Costa, with the know-how acquired with his family tradition, not overlooking the Costas’ passion and his own passion – Ports –, invested in vineyards, cellars, storage facilities, winemaking and stabilisation technologies and, simultaneously, in the early 1990s, he began bottling. He created the image of the brands Amável Costa and Cedovim and began selling bottled Port wine, mainly tawnies, and more specifically aged tawnies.

Isabel Costa, as her father, modernises and passionately dedicates herself to the vineyards and to Port Wine, increases stocks, updates facilities, procedures, refreshes and renews the image of the brands Amável Costa and Cedovim, invests in the national market and in the globalisation of Amável Costa Ports.
The Amável Costa wines and their renewed image recently received several awards in international competitions, particularly the famous Amável Costa aged tawnies. These are currently sold domestically and abroad.