Originating in Cedovim, Council of Vila Nova de Foz Côa (World Heritage Site) at the heart of Alto Douro Wine Region. In the middle of the nineteenth century, Miguel António Costa begins producing and storing Port wine. His grandson, Agostinho Amável Costa, following the tradition of his father, José Augusto Costa, substantially increases crop areas from the 1960s onwards. During the following years, his strategy was to specialise in the treatment and storage of Old Port Wines.
Throughout the decades, the members of the Costa family, staunch of their fascination with Port Wine, have been creating and building the current stock. The Port Wines, stored in oak and mahogany barrels, have been rewarding each generation with balance, elegance and unique aromas.
Today in its fourth generation and under the guidance of Isabel Costa, the commitment towards high-quality Port wines continues, as well as the alliance between tradition and modernity, ever so present in the history of the brands Porto Amável Costa and the Porto Cedovim.